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Big Data Provider in NI

Beacon13 is helping small businesses in NI to make use of Big Data. Often SME’s don’t think they have much data. But you’d be surprised…

We can extract data from accounts systems, quoting systems, e-commerce sites, payment gateways and much more. We can get data from production software, machinery, websites, social media, mailboxes, marketing analytics and supplier APIs.

Reporting intelligently on your data gives you a competitive edge and allows you to forecast and plan for the future. We build systems with dashboards and screens, alerts for staff and customers and much more.

Here’s what we do…

Identify data sources and ways of extracting and aggregating your data. Looking at current software and hardware for ways to access your data.

Work with you to understand import information about your business. What do you need to know and when do you need to know it.

Build screens, dashboards and alerts/notifications for staff and users. Provide training in finding insights and actions from your data.

To get a quote for a big data project please..