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We use WooCommerce, Shopify, Paypal & Stripe to create lucrative e-commerce solutions for businesses. 

Beacon13 can create new on-line brands and stores from scratch or help you to optimize your existing e-commerce store. We work with platforms like Shopify, Woo-commerce and NopCommerce to create customized shopping and payment facilities for our business clients. 

We can also provide professional ongoing support for your store including SEO and social media campaigns.

shopify e-commerce stores


Create a new Shopify store or perhaps enhance your existing store.

We can make improvements to thems and layouts, user journey and more. Improving SEO & CRO and ultimatley sales!

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woocomerce e-commerce store

WordPress & Woocommerce

Why not add Woocommerce to your existing WordPress website. Start accpeting Paypal or Stripe payments from your customers.

Let us improve performance and converstions with custom development.

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Your customers expect more…

E-commerce has always been an important part of business. (Well, for the last 20 years of so anyway). But in 2020 e-commerce, home delivery and online payments have become critical for businesses and their customers.

Unfortunalety your clients and customers can not currently visit you as much as they’d like. Cash payments and customer interaction is a fraction of what it once was. In short, people want and expect to be able to do business with you online and on their smart phone.

So, will you continue to ignore them? Or will you get started today with your new e-commerce solution. Your customers expect nothing less.