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We want to fix your website and give you FREE hosting for 12 months!

Now why would I do that?

The question might be, Why wouldn’t you? But we’ll indulge you…

When you move to Beacon13:

  • We’ll fix any security issues for FREE!
  • We’ll make changes for mobile for FREE!
  • We’ll guarantee improved speed & performance.
  • You’ll save £300 – £500 in year 1. (based on average business hosting plans)
  • Typically our customers will save a further £50 – £100 in subsequent years.
  • You’ll now have hands-on, professional, local support available to you.

Is this all really free?

The transfer and the updates are completely free. And the hosting plan is completely free for 12 months. We’ll then charge you an annual hosting fee in year 2, 3 etc. (This fee will be comparable to what you already pay. Often less! It varies per business as you might have WordPress or a Database). Our average hosting fee is £250/annum. (And often we find businesses are paying much more than this for services they don’t need. Which we’ll stop for you. )

How much am I paying at the minute?

This is not a silly question. Often businesses have no idea what they’re paying for at the minute. Bills from larger hosts might have small monthly fees for website hosting.

“Larger hosting companies often wrap various costs up in small monthly fees. When you add these up for the year – you’ll be very surprised…”

Conor O Kane. Beacon13 Ltd

When you look carefully at your account – you’re actually paying small monthly fees for mailboxes you don’t need, domains you don’t use. And much more. We’d like to eradicate these costs for you. You’ll never pay for anything you don’t need.

What’s the catch?

No catch for you. We assume that when you’re hosting with us, we’ll be your first port of call should you need any other web/digital services. And typically it works out for us in the long run. But for now, we’re happy to take the hit to get you onboard.

What’s the advantage of “managed hosting” such as Beacon13.

  • You have local, professional digital support on tap.
  • Advise you of important security updates. (often just doing these for you on your behalf)
  • We have super fast, industry leading, best in class server farms.
  • We do daily backups on all of our apps.
  • We’ll keep you ahead of competitors with an annual review. (advising on small changes that can keep you ahead of the game)

Who is using Beacon13?

Savvy NI and ROI SMEs are using Beacon13 as their hosting and digital partner. We host 100’s of business websites. Here’s some of our clients. (oh and we host and maintain some UK & US websites also)

Our clients include estate agents, solicitors, manufacturing companies, medical companies, hotels. We create and host car dealer websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, custom business apps, recruitment sites, charity websites, tourism websites, booking apps and much much more.

What else do you do?

We have a range of web and digital products and services. Check ’em out if you like.

How do I get started?

Getting started couldn’t be easier.

You can call +44(0)2879549627 or email and we’ll do the rest.