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Managed Website Hosting

Everything on the web needs hosting. This is where the files, folders and database(s) that make your website are physically stored. Beacon13 provides enterprise level hosting and support for businesses all over the world.

Websites & E-commerce

We can host your website or app anywhere in the World. typically we’d host our apps in the UK or Ireland. But sometimes (often to be closer to the user base) we host our apps in the US, Eastern Europe or Asia. Hosting packages start at £195/year (Ex. VAT)

Cyber Security

Website and e-commerce security is always a moving target. Beacon13 stays on top of this for you. Reacting to new threats with security updates and plugins. We’ll also keep you ahead of the game by changing endpoints, logins and passwords as and when needed. Worst case when a problem arises, you need someone to react quickly, shutting down weaknesses and restoring backups – that’s us!

Security Certificates

Yep, that little padlock on your phone or browser is pretty important. An SSL cert adds encryption to your website and it improves speed and performance. Oh, and Google loves it! You can add an SSL certificate for £99/year. (+ VAT)

SQL Database hosting

Most websites, apps and e-commerce stores will need a database of some description. We create, configure, support and optimise MySQL and SQL Server databases for websites, e-commerce stores, WordPress, Woo-commerce, NopCommerce, Magento and more.

WordPress Hosting

Super fast, super secure manged WordPress hosting. With hands on support, free migrations, daily backups and more. Our WordPress hosting packages start at around £199/year (ex. VAT)

Backups and security

Typically all of our websites, apps, e-commerce stores and databases are backed-up daily. Shit happens unfortunately (hacks, broken updates, dated plugins, browser changes) and having a recent backup that can be easily restored is essential.


Website speed and performance is absolutely critical. So much so, Google and Bing will punish you if your e-commerce store or app is slow. Our hosting clusters are fast by default, but even if an app starts to get heavy (with multiple users or thousands of products) we can easily scale up your plan to suit.

Virtual Machines

Often a business will need a more dedicated, serious hosting solution. This might take the form of a Linux or Windows VM. Beacon13 can create, configure and support Virtual Machines for your business.

Third party integrations

We’re more than happy and experienced to manage Shopify plans, AWS accounts, MaxOptra, Xero integrations and more. We often do this as part of an overall hosting and support package for our clients.


Your website or app needs to send notifications. We use SendGrid and Twilio to send thousands of bulk emails, SMS, notifications, receipts and confirmations all over the world.

AWS Hosting – s3 storage and configuration. Find out more about AWS hosting.

Domain names

Usually we’ll register a free domain name for your app or website. Speak to us first before you register a new domain. We’ll advise on best practices and help to choose the best domain name for your and your customers.

Email Hosting

We provide and support 2 types of email for our clients. IMAP – basic, fast, reliable email. And MS Exchange (Office 365) – enterprise level email solutions with Max deliverability, uptime, security and storage.