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Lite Products

A light, low-cost boost for your business on line.

Often our clients just need a few quick fixes to improve their online presence. Here’s 2 of our “lite” products which will really help your boost your business online.

Spring clean my website £595 + VAT
10 hrs of professional web design & SEO

Spring Clean 2022 – £595(+ VAT)

Includes a quick review of your SEO, making fixes and advances in Google around your core products and services.

Homepage refresh – improving the imagery, content and layout of your most important page.

Mobile performance – making changes for mobile layout and performance. (Which Google loves!)

3 week turnaround. (We’ll typically start this within 14 days and complete within 7 days. We’ll spend around 10 hours working on your website & SEO.)

facebook and social media support 3 months
3 months advanced social media support

Social Media Support – £395/mth(+ VAT)

Review of (up to) 3 social media business profiles. Improving profile look and feel and settings.

Creation of new accounts/profiles as needed.

Boost local following. (usually by running a competitions)

Monthly “boosted” paid campaign to target audience. (budget included)

Bi-weekly posts on all profiles. We’ll do the copy and graphics/imagery.

Reporting back with analytics.

Handover & Training on best practices.

We’ll typically start this within 14 days and complete over the next 90 days. You’ll pay every 30 days.

Terms & FAQs

Don’t you need some logins? – We’ll be in touch (within 14 days) to gather logins & access to websites, social media profiles etc.

How long does this take? – We’ll get started within 14 days. Our Spring Clean will take 1-2 weeks. And our social media support will last 90 days.

Can I cancel my subscription? – Yes, at anytime. (You can do this through links on your receipt. or just give us a quick call.)

Do I need to pay online? – Yes, the low cost nature of these products and services require you to signup and pay online. Always. Just follow the links above.

Will you do anything not listed above? – Within reason we’ll do whatever it takes to better your web/social presence online. Within the given time constraints. If there’s something your thinking about – please ask.

Why/How the low cost? – Make no mistake, these products are by no means a full website refresh or complete social media strategy. They’re a light, yet important boost to your business. Fixing problems that might be doing you harm online and a general boost to your business and online presence.

I’m not confident sharing passwords and logins – We’ll do this in the most secure way possible. We’ll use LastPass app if you like. Typically we’ll ask for a username on one channel and a password on another to avoid interception.

Are you guys any good? – We’ve got a proven track record of helping SMEs in NI with their websites, e-commerce and social media. We host over 200 websites and manage 100 Facebook among a plethora of other platforms and services. Check out our clients.

Do you offer more advanced services? Yes, please check out our typical business services.

Do you just work with NI/ROI/UK companies? – No, we have clients in the US & Australia. We’re happy to work with any company in the world. Provided we don’t have any language, time or currency problems.

I’d like both products – Super, just follow the steps to sign up to both products – we’ll try to streamline our work for both at the same time.