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Mid-Ulster’s web team

Beacon13 has been proudly working hand in hand with some of Mid Ulster’s most innovative companies for 6 years.

We don’t just make websites. Our websites. digital support and custom apps are helping to: sell and deliver food online, automate manufacturing, market and sell property, sell used cars, ticket events, sell oil online and configure deliveries and much more.

We’re all in on Mid Ulster

Mid ulster makes up a large piece of our sales pie. We’ve got around 200 clients (as at Oct ’21). And just over 100 of them are from Mid Ulster. We’ve found that Mid Ulster is an amazing place for entrepreneurship, engineering and property development. Mid Ulster is the backbone of the NI economy and we’re super proud to playing an instrumental role in it.

The Mid’s where its at!

Mid-Ulster’s booming economy

Mid Ulster boasts Northern Ireland’s fastest growing business base, and the largest outside of Belfast. The region produces 7.3% of Northern Ireland’s economic output – that’s £2.075 billion in gross value added – and has been the region’s fastest growing district over the past decade.

We’d like to thank all of our Mid Ulster clients for their continued support and we look forward to meeting more Mid Ulster business owners and entrepreneurs in the near future.


You don’t have to be from Mid Ulster to get a quote for a new web project.