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5 steps to the perfect eCommerce store…

Beacon13 creates and supports eCommerce store clients all over UK & Ireland. And we’ve learned a few tricks along the way…

1. Find a Niche

Frankly everyone is selling something online, and with so many big stores out there to compete with – you have to have a niche.

For example, giftware might become Irish traditional giftware, and hair products might become “hair products for men with red hair”. Be specific.

2. Super Cool Branding

Branding is super important not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers to know what to expect from your business.

Create a super cool brand. (A short snappy, unique business name, a awesome logo and informative slogan are key). Until you’ve got Coca Cola brand status you need to be clear to your customers what you sell.

3. Choose your platform

Choosing the best eCommerce software is not as straightforward as it seems. In fact, it is actually one of the most important decisions that you make very early on in your eCommerce journey. With so many choices out there, here’s a some of the best…


Perfect for “Social Shopping” – if your already hooked up to Facebook shopping & Instagram then Shopify is definitely an option worth considering.


If you’re familiar with WordPress or if you’ve got a blog or loads of other content on your website such as how to’s videos etc.

NopCommerce & Magento

For advanced customisation – If you require a more “advanced approach” to your design and functionality of the store, like a personalised search function, or if each product requires advanced customisations then NopCommerce is for you.

4. Get the config right (shipping, payment gateway, notifications).

You’re (potentially) up against the most advanced shipping network ever created by human kind – AMAZON. People expect next day delivery, free shipping etc. So you MUST consider this.

Choosing the wrong payment gateway can lead to failed payments, returns issues, bad margins and more. Paypal & Stripe are the new standards in online payments.

You need to get alerts on sales, failed payments and shopping basket stats. Your customers must also get professionally looking emails including receipts, terms vat etc. Bonus points for dispatch and delivery alerts.

5. Competitive Pricing

Price, price and price. The internet is awash with competitors trying to out price you. You MUST be competitive on price.

If you’re thinking starting a new online business, or maybe your current store is outdated then get in touch and let’s get your online store making some serious sales.