Digital Marketing Campaigns for £99. With Beacon13’s QUICKSPLASH

What is QUICKSPLASH? – QUICKSPLASH is a super simple and cost effective way to promote some company news on the web and social media.

How does it work? – We’ll gather some details below, take payment and get to work on promoting your news to your target audience with blogging and social media. We’ll “boost” your news to your target audience on social media and submit your news to Google & Bing so it crops up on searches.

What’s it good for? – QUICKSPLASH will work really well for promoting a recruitment drive, a company event, a new product line, opening a new premises, selling properties, showcasing an award, launching a new business stream and much more.

Is it just for Northern Ireland? – No, we run campaigns to target audiences all over the world. But we’re especially good at local NI marketing if we must be honest.

Who is it for? – Typically business owners and event managers in Northern Ireland.

Why is it so cheap? – We’ve a good in-house skill set and web/social network that allows us to promote news quite quickly at a low cost to our clients.

How do I know if a campaign is successful? – We’ll provide metrics and analytics from your campaign on request. This includes views, clicks, reads etc. Which usually allows you to determine success. We may (depending on the campaign) include links to your website or a phone number which you can easily track conversions from.

I’m sold – how do I get started? – Just complete the below, make a payment and we’ll do the rest.

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