Wake up and smell the coffee in 2020.

Let’s kick start 2020 with a fresh new take on digital. If you’re not generating business from your website and social media, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

The wake-up

Before you can smell the coffee, you first have to wake up. We’re still amazed at how many businesses have yet to get a grasp on digital. Some websites are still not mobile friendly, loads of businesses are under performing in Google & Bing. (Yes, Bing is important) and many of you have little or no social media presence. And these are just the basics.

You could (and should) be thinking about paid social media campaigns, email marketing, taking payments on-line, gathering leads, creating video content and more. If you’re still not sold on digital and perhaps think “it’s all just a fad” (Yes, we’ve heard that) then make 2020 the time to wake up.

Smell the coffee

Once you’ve woken up you can begin the nice part – smelling the coffee. When you’ve made an investment in digital with a good partner you can begin to see increased leads, increased conversions on-line, raised brand awareness, faster payments, improved cash flow, customer analytics and data, improved customer service and much more.

An intelligent investment in digital has a direct positive correlation to turnover & profits.

Let’s do this together. Arrange a coffee with us (our shout) and we’ll talk to you about what you could and should be doing better. We’ll lay out the costs, timescales and even estimate your return on investment. You’ve run out of excuses, haven’t you!