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Social Media

Beacon13 provides social media strategy and support for businesses and organisations.

We create a social media strategy for our clients and apply this across the platforms that matter to them and their customers. This can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Youtube.

We start with your goals and reverse engineer a solution to suit. We do this by improving quality and increasing quantity…


The quality of your content on social media is very important. By quality we mean creative quality that portrays your brand in a good light whilst engaging and exciting your audience. Enhancements to quality can include improved copy writing, better imagery, graphics and video production.

We also improve quality by improving the consistency across all channels on the web. Profiles, blogs and websites should have a consistent brand, look and feel and theme so your customers and followers know who you are and what your all about.

We ensure our client’s content is interesting and appealing to their target audience. We help to create exciting imagery and branded material. We ensure consistency across content. Oh, and everything we do is focused on “mobile first”.


When you’ve got the fundamentals of quality correct. It then becomes a case of doubling down on what’s working and eliminating what’s not. By doubling down we mean increasing the number of posts.

Posting more at times that work well with your audience, scheduling posts to provide a constant stream of content for your followers. Identifying which social media channels are working best and increasing activity on these. Identify which profiles are perhaps not so good for your target audience and eliminating those.

We use analytics in social media and your website to see what’s working and what’s not. We use paid advertising on social media to further target our client’s audience with content relevant to them.

The secret sauce

The secret sauce is the “creative”. We understand that not everyone is Leonardo Da Vinci but it’s crucial to create engaging content that people actually want to read, view, watch or listen to. This is the content that will be shared, liked and ultimately raise the profile of your business or organisation.

Training & Handover

Although we often support our clients on a monthly basis often we’ll provide training to in-house teams and staff and handover the mantel. Once we’ve established a good way forward and profiles look consistent we’ll provide training on blogging, posting, imagery, hashtags, messaging, paid ads and more.

What social media channels will we use?

All of them! And maybe none of them! We’ll first analyse your business/organisation and discuss your goals. Next we’ll look at your main target audience. These things will define which social media channels will work best for you.

There’s also a question of resources. Will your budget stretch to accommodate a team of social media marketers? Or if there’s just 1 person working on this part time, can they effectively manage 10 social media accounts?

But don’t worry, we’ll find a way to make the best use of your resources and focus on a social media strategy that works for you.