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Using Digital to combat Brexit.

Ok, so it’s tricky to prepare for something when you’re not quite sure what that “something” is. But there’s no doubt that Brexit will mean changes for all businesses.

And the best way to prepare for change… DIGITAL! Here’s 5 simple concepts that we implement for businesses that also can be used to combat changes from Brexit.

  1. Get a CMS website. A CMS or “content management system” will allow you to quickly make changes on your website when Brexit happens. You may need to quickly change pricing or terms.
  2. Start a newsletter. A newsletter allows businesses to quickly communicate with their clients and customers at scale. When Brexit happens you may need to quickly update all your customers about changes to your terms or business service. A newsletter is a super quick and simple way to do this.
  3. Start accepting on line payments – This can be a complex e-commerce system or a simple adhoc payment page. Either way, accepting online payments will allow you to work with various currencies and quickly accept payments, deposits sand recurring payments.
  4. Check your legal requirements – Most sites currently have an EU cookie warning, privacy policy and gdpr requirements. As of Brexit, be ready for this to change.
  5. Get your social media ready – You might need to be able to quickly launch a campaign. There’s no faster or better way to do this than with social media. You should have at least one social media profile ready with a decent following. And you should know how to “boost” content, like an offer, a service update or job post.

Beacon13 will be helping their clients through this uncertain time with professional digital support. Cutting the cost of traditional communications whilst raising their business profile on line.